About Us

IndianMassager offers genuine, reliable, affordable, and nuisance free services to our elite class female customers.

Now ultimate massage therapy within your reach

At INDIANMASSAGER we are committed to vanish your physical and mental tiredness through our expertise. We eliminate your stress and pain through the help of our highly experienced massage therapists. Our tried and tested Body Massage at Home is familiar with your expectations. Those expectations might be different and depends upon person to person. We have experts about male to female options for you. We have a wide range of customers or you can say, we cater customers from all over the world. Taking this thing in mind, we have all arrangements. Our therapists understand multiple languages, knows different manners and etiquettes to satisfy their customers.

We are specialized in each and every popular kind of massage such as Swedish massage, Thai massage, Nuru massage or Ayurvedic massage. We have hired our staff after a lot of screening and on the base of experience, so be happy you are going to dip into the ocean of ultimate experience of fun. Here you would be getting all in one. If you are putting up at Indirapuram (Ghaziabad) we do have arrangements for Body to body massage. You don’t have to worry if you are any area which is nearby to this location.

At INDIANMASSAGER we have top rated Full Body Massage in Noida who are capable to please you physically and mentally through their soft touch at those sensitive body parts. They are experts of all kind of massage such as traditional massage such as Swedish massage, exotic massage such as Lomi-Lomi massage and erotic massage which is usually offered by opposite gender. Our therapists have complete arrangements such as they have massage bed, different oils, perfumes, music systems along with relaxing music and all. This kind of arrangement makes us different from others. We understand your privacy concern that’s why we have trained our experts on this concern very seriously.

If you are looking someone for Body to body massage in Noida extension, we would be the best one, its our challenge just because of the our good reputation. Our massage therapists make us proud, this is the reason we are number one in this area. We consider every customer as an opportunity to build a brand which helps us to grow faster than any other branding method.

We recognize and value our massage therapists and remunerate highest rates in the industry area.

We expect only WOW experience each and every time, and we try to offer some cool surprises to you each time.

We believe in 100% satisfaction and prepared ourselves accordingly.

We believe in honesty and openness in our services.

We are committed to selecting therapists that meet our values of care, compassion, and professionalism.

We recruit the best therapist in our field because we believe they are our actual brand ambassador.

We train our experts on regular basis and prepare them according to the highest industry standards

Our massage therapists are certified, experienced and insured.

Get our globally recognized massage therapy once in your lifetime and we assure you that you definitely call us again and again and recommend your friends.

Why We are the Best?

Indian Massager offers genuine, reliable, affordable, safe and nuisance free services to our elite class customers. We have no other branch and growing independently day-by-day as an established business. Our customers always appreciated us for what we do as a professionals. A wide pool of disciplined, loyal, informed and literate therapist are associated with us who believes in performance. 90% of our masseur either belongs to IT companies or from finance sector earning 6 digit salay. They don't work with us for any monetary crisis.

We are the best agency in NCR just because of our professional attitude and ethics. Neither we prefer to ask nor we answer to any personal questions. We do not compromise with poor higene. Cleanliness and Hygiene must be maintained if you want to live a healthy and hygienic life. There is a famous proverb, health is wealth, which means, if you are healthy then you are wealthy. You may find all of our staff are well behaved and well dressed and fluent in English.

Sensual massage is the best effective way to build intimacy and closeness with your customer. But it depends and is not that much staright forward and easy. The idea behind sensual massage is that you are giving pleasure through touch to your partner. One person is the giver and one person is the recipient. It's important to keep in mind that if you are intentionally trying for something else than massage just to get something started, it's not really a massage. It's a line that might not work the next time! So don't be so smart otherwise you may loose a potential customer. And this is what we understand than others.We give respect to our clients.

Personal hygiene and cleanliness of our therapist is adorable. Massage therapists who do not take care of their hygiene properly will be out of a job. Therefore, it is imperative that a massage therapist learn and follow the best practices of personal hygiene including oral, hand and genital.